SEE YOU ON JUNE 14 and 15, 2023!

Technical spaces

June 14 and 15, 2023, 6 technical poles presenting different themes are available to you. 

Each of the poles is made up of technical workshops, animations and plant showcases in the field which will show all kinds of innovations in line with the centers of interest of the producers:

I use precision agriculture and digital tools
  • RTK and hoeing
  • From weed recognition to precision spraying
  • Digiferme®: new technologies in farms
I produce for anaerobic digestion
  • Producing CIVEs, making good use of the digestate
  • Imagine and evaluate new cropping systems with CIVE
  • Meeting with players in the energy sector
  • The TERRASOLIS low-carbon farm
I protect my crops with fewer plant protection products
  • straw cereals
  • potato from field to storage
  • seed crops
  • flax fiber
  • corn
  • beet
  • oil-protein crops
I adapt my ITK to enhance my production
  • Wheat quality for different uses
  • Fertilization: key points and innovation
  • From cob to half
  • Winter and spring barley: the winning varieties
  • Genetic progress to adapt to climate change
  • Choose your wheat variety
I produce in organic farming
  • The varietal choice in AB
  • Improve my soil fertility
  • Manage weeds
  • Multi-performing and diversified systems
  • Planting and weeding of beets in AB
I improve the fertility of my soil
  • Evaluate and improve soil fertility
  • Levers for carbon storage in soils
  • Fertilize with PROs
  • Soil chemical fertility: S, P, K, pH
  • Cutlery: choose them well and drive them well
  • Permanent cutlery: first results
  • Glyphosate-free cutlery destruction
  • Cap proteins: let's innovate for our protein sovereignty
  • Successful implantation to obtain robust rapeseed
  • Diversify to gain on profitability and sustainability