Robot competition

ARVALIS launches Rob'Olympics,
a great contest of agricultural robots open to students

Following the success of the event in 2017 and 2018, the field robot competition is back. Represent your school at the 3rd Rob'Olympiades on June 5th and 6th, 2019 at Les Culturales!
Do you want to participate in the 3rd Rob'Olympiades?
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Discover the Rob'Olympiades in video:

Stimulate creativity, build bridges with teaching
In a context of innovative and technological agriculture, robots will be quickly brought to intervene on the farms to facilitate the work of the farmers: saving of time, comfort of work or even of precision. It is at the heart of a competition reserved for creative students from schools and universities of agronomy, computer science or mechanics that everyone will discover the prototypes of the agricultural robots of tomorrow.
This national competition has several objectives. The first is pedagogical; it's about encouraging students to create a robot as a team, with a real need for results. It then allows the establishment of partnerships and promotes cooperation between higher education, companies and technical institutes. Finally, by its innovative nature, this competition paves the way for the creation of new activities for companies.
Everyone will see which robot will be able to weed inter-rows of corn and which team of students will win the following challenges:
  • Tillage with the aim of mechanically weeding the inter-row
  • Chemical weed control for the purpose of locating a spray
  • Freestyle: free figure giving free rein to the imagination and creativity of the team
 For each of the following challenges 2 categories will be proposed and evaluated separately:
  • Category "Complete design of the robot": the objective is to have a finalized robot by manufacturing all the components of the robot as far as possible and to test it in a real field situation.
  • Category "Soft": the goal is to take control of an existing robot and / or market by developing the best guidance algorithm real field situation.

Valuing teams of inventive students
The jury will be composed of experts specialized in guidance, machinery and robotics (IRSTEA, ARVALIS, ...). It will evaluate the best team in two distinct categories, the first category is the complete design of the robot and the other more dedicated to the soft, that is to say the programming upstream of an existing robot.
In addition to the fun of competing and the notoriety and glory for the winners, a leisure drone, shopping vouchers and packed baskets will reward the teams.